Fort Bend Child Support Enforcement

Having legal professionals on your side to handle Fort Bend child support enforcement and child custody issues is an absolute necessity to protect your rights. Too many men and women try to take matters into their own hands and end up with a bigger fiasco.

Legal matters, such as enforcement and custody cases, are complex proceedings and require an experienced family law attorney who has a passion for helping people.

The Law Office of Victoria M. Venza PLLC serves as one of the most reliable and effective Fort Bend child support lawyers. Whether a parent is refusing to pay his or her fair share, our team can step in to handle child support enforcement in Fort Bend TX.

Why utilize child support lawyers in Fort Bend TX?

Having legally binding agreements in place makes the agreement enforceable. With Fort Bend child support lawyers like Victoria Venza, you are able to implement, modify and enforce both support and custody agreements.

When a couple has an informal, verbal agreement in place, disaster can ensue. For example:

  • If the party responsible to pay fails to do so, you have no legal course of action. A court cannot enforce a verbal agreement. A written court order with the help of Fort Bend child custody lawyers is necessary if you want to force the other party to abide by their promises.
  • Without a formal agreement in place, the party responsible to pay may not pay the total amount needed or when it is needed. Some think that paying something is better than paying nothing, but you and your child could be left wondering when the next payment will arrive or how much you will receive. Again, if you want certainty when it comes to child support, you need a court order — as your Fort Bend child support lawyers, we can help you establish one.
  • Finally, if you are incurring medical expenses for your child, but the other parent is refusing to pay his or her fair share, you need a court Order establishing the obligations of the other party.A parent can make all sorts of promises, but if those promises are not in a court Order, that parent can change his or her mind at a moment’s notice, leaving you to wonder how you will pay the expenses.

Informal agreements might seem easier, but they rarely work out for both parties. The same is true for child custody. It is best to work with an experienced, passionate family law attorney in Fort Bend TX to establish a legally binding, written child support or custody agreement.

Consult with trusted child support and child custody lawyers in Fort Bend TX

Contact the dedicated team at the Law Office of Victoria M. Venza PLLC. We will fight hard to ensure you receive everything you are entitled to under the law. Call us and work with competent child support and child custody lawyers in Fort Bend TX.

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