Katy Contested Divorce

When you’re facing a Katy contested divorce, your first consideration should be hiring a family law attorney who will strongly, passionately, yet efficiently, advocate for your best interests.

So many folks hear about divorce horror stories involving lengthy, costly legal battles that deplete one’s financial resources and create undue emotional turmoil.  At the Law Office of Victoria M. Venza, PLLC, we work aggressively, wisely, and efficiently to avoid the nightmare of protracted, costly litigation.

If you are in Katy filing for divorce, we invite you to connect with the experienced, dedicated staff at the Law Office of Victoria M. Venza PLLC. With over 18 years of experience practicing law to her name, Victoria and her team are eager to handle your divorce in a professional manner designed to minimize your stress level and maximize your chances of achieving your objectives.

Victoria is your voice in a contested divorce in Katy TX

Victoria and her team will work hard and with focused determination to address the myriad issues of your divorce — child custody, child support, health insurance, alimony, property division and more — to ensure you receive a fair and equitable divorce settlement.  The high-stress, expensive divorce case can be avoided if you hire the right family law attorney who uses the appropriate strategy for your case.

Victoria and her staff are also very mindful of any children involved in a Katy contested divorce. Sadly, children are often the victims in a costly, protracted divorce case.  They see their parents stressed out and hear things they shouldn’t hear, and they suffer because of it.  What sets Victoria apart from the competition is that she reminds her clients at every turn that she wants their valuable resources to be spent on the children, not on legal fees to fight over frivolous matters.  Victoria invites you to read the testimonials of past clients who have consistently applauded Victoria’s efficient and no-nonsense approach.  Because she does not waste her clients’ time and money, Victoria’s past clients often send their friends, neighbors, and family members to her.  She has earned a good reputation for honest, efficient, and strong legal representation.

When you work with Victoria and her team, be prepared for honest, candid advice and insight. Victoria has worked through hundreds of divorces, and she brings that experience to the table to help you make the right decisions for both you and your children.

Connect with our team for a confidential consultation and case evaluation

If you are in Katy filing for divorce, we know you have questions and concerns that need to be addressed.  Reach out for a confidential consultation today and allow the Law Office of Victoria M. Venza, PLLC to answer all your questions regarding your Katy contested divorce.

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