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Adopting a child whether the child is a relative or not, comes with its share of concerns and legal hurdles. That is why it is important to entrust your case to experienced and proven Richmond adoption lawyers.

Here at the Law Office of Victoria M. Venza PLLC, we have extensive knowledge when it comes to adoption law in Richmond TX. We have helped numerous men and women navigate the adoption process, from petitioning the court to completing all of the legal processes associated with determining the adoptive parent’s fitness to adopt and parent a child. If successful, the end result is a legally binding adoption.

A Richmond adoption attorney who puts the needs of the child first

When it comes to family law conflicts that involve children, all too often the needs of the child are lost in the heated legal battles. This is an unfortunate consequence if you are dealing with an attorney who does not put the child’s needs first.

Victoria is one of the adoption lawyers in Richmond TX that prioritizes the needs of the child. She uses her extensive legal knowledge and experience to create a strategy that benefits the child’s well-being, and meets the client’s goals and objectives.

According to Richmond adoption law in Texas, an adoption is possible after a biological parent’s rights have been terminated involuntarily, perhaps because he or she failed to provide financial support to the child, or terminated voluntarily by signing an affidavit.

After termination, stepparents or other relatives can then petition for adoption. If the biological parent refuses to relinquish his or her rights voluntarily, evidence is gathered and presented at a court proceeding to show the court that the biological parent’s rights should be terminated and that it is in the child’s best interest to terminate.

If the court makes this very serious determination, the biological parent will no longer have any parental rights pertaining to the child. In some cases, a biological parent is unknown. These types of cases are tricky and complex, but as your Richmond adoption attorney, Victoria Venza has successfully handled many of them.

As your adoption attorney in Richmond TX, Victoria can field any questions or concerns you might have about this process.

Don’t leave anything to chance — rely on experienced Richmond adoption attorney

Adoption law can be confusing. That is why people seek help from a Richmond adoption attorney who has specific experience in this area of family law.

Victoria Venza is one of the premier Richmond adoption lawyers and she is eager and ready to consult with you about your adoption case.

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