Richmond Contested Divorce

Many important issues must be resolved in the course of a Richmond contested divorce case.  The first step in the process should always be to consult with a seasoned attorney who is dedicated to family law, will evaluate your case, and devise a winning strategy.  Some people think they can navigate the stormy waters of a divorce case alone and, sadly, end up with more legal problems at the end of the process than they started out with.  Do not let that be you.

Be wise—hire competent legal counsel to assist you.  The key to finding the right family law attorney is to read the reviews of past clients.  The Law Office of Victoria M. Venza, PLLC welcomes you to read the testimonials of past clients, who gave Victoria a resounding vote of confidence.  The key ingredients in Victoria’s legal representation are that she is honest with her clients, highly skilled in handling their cases, and strives to be as efficient with their resources as possible.  She understands no one wants to spend a year or more fighting with their spouse in a divorce case; therefore, she does everything in her power to gather the facts, formulate a plan, and find solutions to your legal problems, all in an efficient manner.  Victoria’s past clients have always appreciated her efficient manner and have stated such in their reviews.

If you’re in Richmond filing for divorce, we invite you to consult with our team and see what Victoria and her staff have to offer you. With over 18 years of experience practicing law and a dedication to family law, Victoria is the smart choice and the attorney you want during your contested divorce case.

Victoria will handle the following areas of a contested divorce in Richmond TX

  • Property distribution: Marital property must be identified, characterized, valued, and divided.. Victoria has in-depth knowledge of the marital property laws in Texas and will work tirelessly to ensure your separate property is confirmed as such, and that you receive a fair and equitable portion of the community property estate.
  • Child custody: In a Richmond contested divorce case, a child custody dispute can be the most stressful part of the case if you do not have a zealous advocate on your side. A child’s best interest is always the primary consideration for the court.  If you anticipate a child custody dispute, you need an experienced family lawyer by your side who knows how to fight this battle for you.
  • Child/spousal support: There is usually nothing more contested in a divorce case than child support. Make sure you hire the right family law attorney who will properly handle this hotly contested issue.  Victoria has in-depth knowledge of the child support laws in Texas and will work aggressively to ensure your child support issues are handled properly.

Are you in Richmond filing for divorce?

We get it — you’re probably scared, confused and even a little bit angry or hurt. Victoria and her team want to help during this low point in your life. Connect with our team right now and approach your Richmond contested divorce the right way.

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