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Vicki Made This Difficult Time Stress Free

At the onset of our initial consultation, I knew that Victoria Venza was the lawyer for me. She started off our consultation by listening to my situation and answering any questions that I had for her. I felt confident that she and her team were going to ensure that all my assets and interests were top priority. During the entire divorce process, I felt like I was their only client because I was kept abreast almost weekly of how my divorce was proceeding and they immediately contacted me by email or phone any time that I had questions regarding legal wording. They worked very rapidly and efficiently to get my divorce completed in less than 2 months. I cannot thank Vicki, Judi, and Michelle for making this very difficult time stress-free. I highly recommend this firm!   ~ Cynthia S, November 2020


Vicki And Her Team Are Pros

Vicki and her team are pros. They have seen and heard it all, and will be an amazing resource for you. I had a custody modification case and their knowledge and counsel were invaluable. Rarely do businesses match their online ratings, but in this case they are spot on.  ~ AJ, October 2020


Vicki Is A Warrior

You literally never have to worry because you know that your case is a priority. Vicki is everything you could ever need in an attorney and she makes things happen as soon as she possibly can. She’s a warrior. Michelle is the sweetest and it’s like visiting a friend every time you are in contact with her…..Legal matters are always stressful… But not with Vicki. Just do it. Hire her. Best decision I could have made. ~ Rebecca, July 2019


She Said Justice Would Be Served And It Has

W/ an angry and spiteful child’s mother, I gave Mrs. Venza a lot to deal with in a short period of time. W/ little belief in the justice system siding in my favor, Victoria met w/ my family. Immediately developed a plan on how to best proceed forward, in regards to my specific and unique case. I can sincerely attest every dollar spent was worth it. She said justice would be served and it has. A huge THANK YOU TO THE ENTIRE LAW OFFICE OF VICTORIA M. VENZA. ~ Alfred, August 2019


She Came In Confident And Assertive

Hiring Vicki is the best decision you can make!  She showed a genuine interest in my case and was extremely thorough. She came in confident and assertive.  She fought hard and left the other attorney no chance. This girl knows her stuff!! ~ Lindsey, September 2019


Best Family Law Attorney

I can say hands down the best Family Law Attorney around. I have used other Family Attorneys for similar cases, but Vicki and staff (Michelle), were absolutely wonderful to speak with. Extremely knowledgeable and very personable. Handled my issues with ease and was right to the point. Thank you very much for helping me. Can’t thank you enough. Highly Recommended!! ~ Ryan S., November 2018


Passion For Family Law And It Shows

Vicki was a pleasure to work with! She is very personable, extremely organized and very knowledgeable. She has a passion for Family Law and it shows! I highly recommend her for any of your Family Law needs! ~ Heather, February 2019


Works In The Best Interest Of The Children

Venza was very helpful in my decree modification case as well as decree enforcement case. She answered my questions quickly, and with her advice were able to reach settlements prior to our court dates. I highly recommend her for family law issues as she always wants to work in the best interest of the children.  ~ Kathy S., January 2019


Hiring Vicki Was The Best Thing To Do – A True Advocate

There are so many nice things I can say! Having just fired my first attorney, a friend referred me to Vicki. Hiring Vicki was absolutely the right thing to do. She is a quick study (she took over my divorce case which had been on-going for a year!) and was a true advocate. She responded QUICKLY to all my questions and kept me informed; providing regular and timely updates. In just a few short weeks, all the remaining details were hammered out and the divorce was done. I hope I never need her services again, but I will gladly hire her if the need does arise. In the meantime, I will not hesitate to refer her to everyone I meet!  ~ Mike F., September 2018


She Made Sure I Wasn’t Blindsided Or Screwed

Victoria was such a treasure during my divorce proceedings. From the moment I first spoke with her I knew I could trust her to always have my back. She also made sure that my interests, wants, and needs were the most important thing throughout this devastating phase of my life. Luckily my divorce happened to be amicable and I let her know I wanted to keep it that way. Victoria went out of her way to make sure that my wishes were followed! She also made sure I wasn’t going to get blindsided or screwed along the way. Just knowing I had someone I could trust, and that was always had my best interests at heart made this horrible situation a little more bearable. She was so quick to respond to any questions I had throughout the divorce. I never had to wait long for answers or any question I had. This helped with the anxiety and the “unknown” of what was next. She kept me updated frequently and made herself available when I needed her. Her knowledge of the law was astounding, and she never had to research any questions and “get back to me”. Her professionalism and integrity are unmatched! I can’t thank her enough.  ~ Chris, August 2018


Vicki Was Amazing

I can’t say enough good things about Vicki! There are several reasons I would recommend her.

First, Vicki professionally, is very impressive. She is great about being clear about what to expect. Everything was explained to me up front, which is huge in a situation as overwhelming as a divorce.

Second, Vicki let me set the pace and tone of my divorce, which was really important to me. There is no doubt she can be tough when you need her to be, but she also respected my decisions with regards to how I wanted to handle things. I always felt like I was in control of the decisions, but she was right there with me to point out angles I may not have seen, but that she was aware of because of her years of experience. It was the perfect balance of assistance, without ever feeling bulldozed by the process.

Finally, Vicki personally is wonderful. I had a lot of anxiety about the divorce process and Vicki was amazing at walking me through everything. It’s obvious she really cares about her clients. She returns emails and phones call promptly, and really took the time to explain details and concepts that were unfamiliar to me. I never felt like I was bothering her with my questions, and I never felt rushed. I would definitely recommend Vicki. ~ Heather, May 2018


Fabulous Lawyer – Reasonable Rates

I have used Vicki for multiple different legal needs and she is fabulous. She is extremely knowledgeable and willing to help. She calls me back promptly if she doesn’t answer my initial call. Her rates are also reasonable considering the expertise she brings to the table. I highly recommend her services!  ~ Katy D., October 2018


Made Me Feel Comfortable In A Really Tumultuous Time

Venza handled my divorce and I could not have been happier with the quality of care I received! What I loved best was that she was very accessible and returned emails and phone calls in a very timely manner!!! She also listened to me and my concerns, making me feel very comfortable in a tumultuous time! Ms.Venza is a very caring attorney, but is firmly in control of the process as emotions can run high during a divorce. She was also very respectful of my money and did not take one dime more than she earned! I would highly recommend her!! And have to many!!  ~Teresa A., August 2018


Exceptional Service All The Way!

Exceptional service all the way! Extremely knowledgeable and professional, and extremely quick to deliver results. Victoria helped me with a child name change in Fort Bend County and continued to assist me all the way through. My husband and I will continue to work with Victoria’s firm on any Family Law needs going forward. ~ Rose J., May 2018


Vicky Is A Blessing!

Vicky M Venza is an excellent lawyer. She has very strong ethics and integrity. Her knowledge is par excellence in all legal matters. She is very straight forward and always talks to the point. I highly highly highly recommend her. She has been a great blessing! ~ Marlen G., December 2018


Be Empowered – Best Divorce Lawyer

BEST divorce attorney EVER! Divorce can be a very difficult thing to have to go through, however it helps when you have the right people walking alongside you in the final decision making process. If you find yourself facing the possibility of a divorce, I highly recommend Victoria Mendoza. She will give you legal advice, options you may have in moving forward. Call her today for your consultation. it’s better to know you are legal rights than to assume that what the other person is saying is the only option you have. Be informed and EMPOWERED! Call Victoria Mendoza today!  ~ Liz


They Said It Couldn’t Be Done… Geographic Restriction Lifted!

I was connected with Vicki through my company’s Employee Assistance Program and quickly I knew it was time to replace my previous divorce attorney. After being told for years we would not be able to get a geographic restriction lifted, Vicki went in and got it done. Quickly and cost effectively too! Thank you Vicki!  ~ Ryan


So Glad I Found Vicki

I had never spoken with a lawyer and I suddenly needed one to ensure I knew my rights as a father and how best to move forward in regards to custody of my child.

A family friend recommended Vicki and luckily I took their advice. Vicki is very professional and took the time to work with me and made sure I fully understood the whole process and was with me every step of the way. I was very worried at first considering I had never been in a situation like this. Vicki was always willing to reassure me and answer any questions that would inevitably pop up along the way.

Nobody wants to be in a situation where they need legal counsel, especially a child custody case or divorce. But if you do, you want a good lawyer in your corner, believe me. I was so pleased with the service I received that I went back to Vicki again a couple years later when circumstances changed and I needed to have changes made to custody. We just completed the process this month and my child now lives with me full time and we couldn’t be happier. I have been, and will continue to recommend Vicki to all of my friends and family whenever the need arises.  ~ Justin


Trust-worthy And Effective

Vicki was totally prepared and honest about the proceedings and what you expect. She was efficient with her time which I appreciated. She really stayed on top of my case even when a few unexpected circumstances arose. I absolutely would recommend her.  ~ Jennifer


Professionalism At It’s Best!

I hired Vicki to be my lawyer for my divorce case- it was an amicable divorce, that still had its obstacles-property to divide, child support, custody, etc. She was very knowledgeable, handled anything and everything I brought to her in a timely manner, very detail oriented and kept me informed along the way. On a side note-In my court hearing as the judge was signing the final decree- the judge made a comment on how well my lawyer, Vicki, had everything put together, organized and filed correctly. That she only sees a case like that once or twice a year. Needless to say I was very satisfied and would highly recommend Vicki to anyone needing representation.  ~ Courtney


Kind, Compassionate, Knowledgeable

Ms. Venza helped me through my divorce. She willingly shared her knowledge and made herself available for consultation by phone and email. She made sure I understood every step in the proceedings. Her wise counsel made a difficult process more bearable.  ~ Leticia


Child Custody Won

Vicki represented me for a legal custody case for my daughter two years ago in Humble. I am now the primary parent for my daughter and she lives with me full time. She is a great lawyer and I highly recommend her legal services.  ~ Robert

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